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I wanted to thank you for the efficiency you have shown in sending my order for a diamond ring which arrived on time. However I did not receive the certificate of 


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Diamond certification
AGS certificateGIA certificateHRD certificate

To be able to appreciate the quality of a diamond without being a professional it is necessary to have certain information normally described in the certificate. It goes without saying that a certificate has no value unless it is recognized by the representatives of the profession.

The following certification bodies enjoy an excellent reputation in Europe, the United States, and France for the latter. The certificate can be compared to an identity card of the diamond, and it can no longer be confused with another. It comes in the form of a print on which the characteristics of the appraised diamond are noted. It tells you the exact measurements and weight of the diamond, as well as the details of its cut and quality. It specifies in detail all the different characteristics of the stone.

The certificates also serve as proof of the identity of the appraised diamond. Laboratories sometimes have their specificities, some of them will qualify the proportions of the diamond, others not (for example for the GIA and the LFG). Some offer the possibility of sealing the diamond (eg for HRD and IGI), others do not.

The deadlines for having a diamond certified vary greatly from one laboratory to another, with an interval of 24 hours to several weeks. There is no law that regulates the process of valuing diamonds. There are differences among companies and assessment organizations. Skdiamant processes diamonds certified and valued only by the most respected laboratories on the market - GIA, EGL and AGS.

  • GIA - Gemological Institute of America The GIA laboratory is the industry standard for color and clarity evaluation.
  • EGL - European Gemmology Laboratory: EGL certification requires fewer criteria than the GIA evaluation report. Their evaluation system may be more lenient.
  • AGS - The American Gem Society employs a diamond rating system which ranks cut, color, and clarity from zero to 10 on a scale with zero being the most rare and desirable and 10 being the least desirable.

Do i need a certificate?

An evaluation of cut diamonds allows you to make an informed choice. The certification allows above all to compare them and for example choose between two stones of the same weight, but of different quality.

Does a certificate increase the cost of the purchase?

Its cost can vary from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros, it depends on the weight of the diamond and the type of certificate you want to obtain. Certification can cost more than the diamond itself, diamonds less than half a carat are rarely certified.

Each cut diamond sold by Skdiamant.com can be accompanied by a laboratory report from GIA, EGL or AGS, because these laboratories have largely demonstrated a level of requirement that is also that of Skdiamant.