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  • up to - 60%


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I wanted to thank you for the efficiency you have shown in sending my order for a diamond ring which arrived on time. However I did not receive the certificate of 


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Jewelry maintenance

How to take care of Platinum:
- Just like gold, platinum is durable, sturdy and reliable, making it a prime material for your jewelry
precious in diamonds. However, to ensure maximum durability of your jewelry, you need to take care of it.
- Do not wear platinum when doing tough jobs or handling chemicals.
- Store your platinum jewelry in a separate box so that it does not get scratched.
- Finally, check regularly that the diamonds and the jewel are in good condition and that no teeth are damaged.
If you observe anything abnormal, take the jewelry to your professional for evaluation and repair.

How to take care of Gold:
- If you want to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible, you will need to take care of it. Make sure they are
clean and in a safe place.
- Do not wear jewelry if you are doing manual work or handling chemicals. Put them away
in a box and prevent them from rubbing against other jewelry and getting scratched.
- Check your diamond on a regular basis to determine if the teeth and kittens are in good condition. If you
notice anything abnormal, take the jewelry to a professional for repair.