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All about Platinum

History of Platinum
Platinum, like gold, has a long and complex history. It was first used in Antiquity and has become
popular for the past 200 years. Platinum was considered a noble metal during the time of the Egyptians. The natives
from South and Central America began to work it as early as 100 BCFeatures:
Platinum is a white metal but in comparison with gold, it is used in jewelry in its almost pure state (approximately 95%):
Platinum is a very dense and heavy metal, which is why a platinum ring weighs more than an 18k gold ring.

Platinum vs Gold:
Platinum is naturally white and never loses its luster and shine. Gold, on the other hand, is naturally yellow. White gold
is yellow gold mixed with other metals to whiten it and often coated with rhodium, which over time has
tendency to fade with use; this is why it is often necessary to replicate platinum jewelry to
maintain their whiteness.
Platinum is also denser than gold; this is why platinum jewelry weighs on average 40% more than
18K gold jewelry. To the touch, we feel that platinum is a unique precious metal and difficult to compare it with others.

Does the Platinum get scratched?
All precious metals scratch and platinum is unfortunately no exception. However, and unlike
other precious metals, when platinum gets scratched, it retains its integrity and mass. No other metal can survive
generations and continue to wear elegantly, just like on day one.

Can I wear platinum if I have sensitive skin?
Thanks to the purity of its composition, platinum is hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Why is Platinum so expensive compared to gold?
Platinum is a rare metal that can only be found in a few rare places in the world and the demand is increasing
high. It has many uses outside the world of jewelry, for example, catalytic converters to
reduce emissions, hard disks ... It plays an important role in pacemakers and treatment against
Cancer. The other advantage of platinum is its purity, which is higher than that of 18K gold and which generally reaches 95%.

Choose Platinum
Platinum is often chosen for its sophisticated appearance and popularity among the rich and famous.
It is very often used for the manufacture of engagement rings, wedding bands, men's rings, pendants,
solitaires and earrings.
At SKdiamant, you will find all our products in 3 metals: platinum-plated gold, white gold or yellow gold.