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All about gold
There are two aspects to consider when buying gold: the amount of Carats and the alloy of gold in different colors.

Carats measure the gold content of the metal and the proportion of pure gold mixed with other metals to make the
final product.
The symbol for Carat is Ct; in many countries it is called Karat and abbreviated Kt or K.
Carats are also used to measure the weight of diamonds and other precious stones. Despite the fact that the same term
is used, in the case of gemology, the Carat is used to measure the weight, while in the case of precious metals,
it determines purity.

Purity and Value
The higher the proportion of pure gold used in the final metal, the more expensive and valuable it will be. An 18K ring will therefore be more
expensive than a 14K and 9K ring.
9K means the metal contains 37,5% pure gold, and is used to keep costs to a minimum.
14K means the metal contains 58% pure gold and often comes marked with 585.
18K means that the metal contains 75% pure gold and is recommended for fine jewelry.
22K means that the metal contains 91,7% pure gold. It is a very soft gold and is not recommended for jewelry on which
mounts gems. It can only be used for jewelry only gold.
24K means that the metal contains 100% pure gold, it is a very soft gold and can only be used for a certain type of jewelry.
The marking only indicates the karats and the purity of the metal but not the color. An 18K yellow gold ring will be
marked with the number 750, as well as an 18K white gold ring.

The colors of gold
The next question that will come to your mind when deciding to buy a diamond is color because gold is
available in various colors. The most common is white gold, followed by yellow gold.
Jewelers can create jewelry using different colors of gold. These jewels are often called 2 golds or 3 golds.
The difference in color between white gold and yellow gold is determined by the metals used for the alloy.

Yellow gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper and zinc.
White gold is a mixture of gold, silver and palladium.

Rhodium plating
White gold is essentially yellow gold alloyed with other metals in order to make it white. In fact, we don't bleach it
completely, but it is given a cream color. The jewel is often plated in rhodium, a rare metal that fades with
time and needs to be replicated regularly in order to maintain its shine.

Choose gold and color
Once you have decided on carats and color, there are three things to consider:
- The performance of metal for everyday use
- The color difference between a 9K and 18K gold
- The price difference between colors and Carats

Another important factor is the manufacture and design of the jewelry. Manufacturing techniques can make the same
object is more durable and flexible for your greater comfort. A well-made object and a classic design are the guarantee:
that the jewelry will last for years and, with regular and proper maintenance, a lifetime.
It is important to know that the price is proportional to the uniqueness of your jewel (design, intricate details, precious stones
or a simple clasp).

For everyday jewelry; SKdiamond recommends 18K gold.